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Of course that means you have to actually get up...tomorrow :)

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Hi there, I'm a rabid fanfiction reader (as well as books) although recently don't have enough time for that and also have been writing my own (fanfic, not books-yet). I love scifi and mystery shows (okay a lot of tv) and am addicted to "Supernatural". I worked for many years in a library and am back working at one part time-hopefully to be full-time soon. I used to be a total lurker and read fanfics for years online on my trusty webtv without leaving comments...that's changing now, I love reading responses to my own stories and vow to let other authors know how much I appreciate their work. Well, I do have to get better at that. It's one reason I created this livejournal-I've been reading, and want to say thank you. Oh, and if you want to see my other fics along with a Smallville/SG-1 you can head over to my ffdotnet page here: http://www.fanfiction.net/~windyfontaine . I also read and post on http://supernatural.tv , and I do review there (a lot!) in the fanfic section. I also love their pics :) I post to those sites a bit more (ok a lot) than here, but I read a lot of lj fics and have been neglecting to comment (sorry!). Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day :)