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I'm getting behind...

Okay, so I've been a bad girl and let this slide for too long. So I gathered up my courage and posted a story to Supernaturalfic. I'm behind on reading, behind on writing, and my room looks like it has the detritus left behind from a tornado hit, but I'm finally posting something to LJ! Go me :) I do have a fun poll type thing to do if you want:

You Are Chicken

Bah! You're hardly meat. But you are quite popular, and people aspire to taste like you.

You're probably quite skinny and free of vices. Except letting people eat your eggs.

Yes, I am a chicken. That is the story of my life :) Although I do aspire to be steak :) Have a good day!

Breaking the Deal part one

Well hmm, it's been a loooong while. Didn't realize how long. I have commented on other journals in the meantime, but guess I should post something-and why not start with part one of a new two part Supernatural fic. Once I get the second part done, I may see about posting it to Supernaturalfic. My one shot did okay over there, but I don't want to post until it's complete. Of course it's already on ff.net and the fanfic forums at sn.tv, but ah well. Anywho, here is the now AU Breaking the Deal, which should have been done before the season three opener but I write at the pace of slow molasses. If anyone is reading this, it's T or PG-13, no pairings, full of angst and fairly short.

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Webpage of banners

I know, two posts in one day. I've gone crazy :)
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Long hiatus

Hi, well I haven't updated in forever to here, but I've been writing. However whenever I get blocked I've discovered a new pastime: banner making! So here is the one I made in honor of Sam Winchester's birthday...yes he is a fictional character...so? Obviously I am too obsessed with the show "Supernatural".

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the weird and the mysterious

Just a comment to myself for when she next updates about big_pink's link to supernatural forces. On every single story she has written, something related to that story has inexplicably shown up on my television set without me conciously looking for it. On her excellent story which had the Cirque de Soleil (I'm probably spelling it wrong) "Cirque de Céline" just as I was reading a chapter guess what shows up on the tv as I surf channels (I tend to multitask-read with tv in the background). Yep, a "Cirque" special. That has happened with every one of her stories, which by the way are all excellent if anyone views this and needs reading material. Anyway, her latest is "Dazzleland" and features Niagara Falls. Tonight, I was just replying to a review comment she made, and guess what just came on? Yep, Geologic Journey on the Science Channel (okay I'm a closet geek too) and what is the part of the Earth featured? If you say the history of Niagara Falls, you get a cookie. So, I will copy and paste this comment when she next updates to prove to her her undeniable link to the weird mysterious and supernatural. Or maybe it's just me :)

I just posted to supernaturalfic

Well, I just bit the bullet and posted to Supernaturalfic. Let's see if it's accepted for posting. (crosses fingers) I'll either jump for joy or go well, another one bites the dust. We shall see...in the meantime, if anyone visits here, here is a link to discover your goth name:


Mine is Glitter Girl. My first and middle names together equal Liquid Vamp, and Sam Winchester also is Liquid Vamp, so my friend says we're meant to be together. Dreamy sigh. See, I don't mind talking to the crickets :) If someone is actually reading this, feel free to check out the story I have posted as well. Bye! (waves to crickets)

Ah, an email just said that it did indeed get posted. If people like I can share my other stories too. (sees crickets) Ah well, back to the salt mines.


Nightmare's Keeper chapter 1

Hi, I started another fic, and if I like it enough I'll post it somewhere other than my journal, but for now here is chapter one of my new one. The premise is that Dean keeps having nightmares of Sam dying while the brothers are investigating a series of strange deaths in a town. Work in progress, but it's already mapped out so maybe it'll be updated frequently :)

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The Bear chapter 20

And finally, the last chapter of my first Supernatural story. While writing this I had written a short one called Big Purple Dinosaur, that's back a few posts. I was surprised to discover it got nominated for best humor fan fiction at Supernatural.tv. It was just a silly little thing I wrote, I'll be shocked if it actually wins. Of course if it does it'll be cause for a post here :) Anyways, on to the last chapter. Brotherly bonding abounds.

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The Bear chapter 19

Here's the next to last chapter. Enjoy! I ended it with a cliffy just for you :)

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The Bear chapter 18

Um, I actually finished the story and forgot to post here, but not a problem as I'll just do the last three chapters in a row and if anyone wanders by it's all done :)

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